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Pure Adrenaline Motorsports SuperLite 3L Mono Suit

by Chris Root
Pure Adrenaline Motorsports SuperLite 3L Mono Suit

The Pure Adrenaline SuperLite 3L Mono suit

Pure Adrenaline Motorsports know that when it comes to monosuits you don't always get to have something that can breathe and allow you movement. The SuperLite 3L Mono Suit has those exact features! 


What is this Monosuit made to do?

The SuperLite 3L is made to give you room to breath and give you the movement you need. This means that the Pure Adrenaline Motorsports SuperLite 3L is perfect for the person looking to be able to go out make a few laps hit a few jumps and just have some fun in that warmer snow filled weather. 

What are the major features of the SuperLite 3L Mono Suit?

The Pure Adrenaline Motorsports 

SuperLite 3L is loaded with features like

1. Laser cut fitment to give you the perfect feel the first time.

2. Multiple color options to make sure you can match your gear just the way you want to.

3. Waterproof zippers and adjustable suspenders. 

Overall thoughts about the Pure Adrenaline SuperLite 3L Mono Suit?

The crew here at Pure Adrenaline Motorsports love the SuperLite 3L Mono Suits. This is a perfect in between for when it is just a little too cold to go in just some street clothes and just a little to warm to be out in thermal long johns. This Mono Suit is a great option to go out get some free style runs in and come back to camp. So if this sounds like what you are looking for then it is time to get your Mono Suit today here!

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