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Blue / Ice Mirrored Daybreak Sunglasses (2024)

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Collection: The Latest Gear From Pure Adrenaline Motorsports

Sku: 726202100778

Vendor: Pure Adrenaline


Pure Adrenaline Motorsports Daybreak Sunglasses. We know that not every pair of sunglasses is going to be the one you should be wearing that day. Thats why we brought in one of our favorite pairs to date, we like to call them the Daybreak series.

The Daybreak series glasses are for the person that is looking for something light, stylish, thin, and polarized. We did our best to hit every mark that we thought our customers would be looking for.

  • The plastic frame makes these glasses lightweight
  • Thin arm design makes these low profile glasses fit on just about any face
  • Mirrored lenses offer not only protection from the sun but also a cool new-age look
  • Large lens area gives you a wide viewing area
  • Multiple color frames and lenses give you options to fit any style
  • Polarized lenses give you protection from the sun even when it is at its worst
  • Wide nose area to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Arms grip but dont cause issues with being too tight

The Daybreak glasses are a pair of sunglasses that Pure Adrenaline Motorsports think you are going to fall in love with. We started with a lightweight plastic frame that will bounce back when dropped and you wont have to worry about scratching. After we got the frame material and shape figured out we picked out a few color options, we wanted you as always with Pure Adrenaline Motorsports to have options! Not every color works for everyone and not everyone likes every frame color.

Now that we got our frames figured out all the way we went to work on the lenses. We wanted options for lenses that included different colors and mirrored options as well as polarized. This gave us the options we wanted but also give you the customer the kind of lenses that people want and deserve.

Pure Adrenaline Motorsports feels that with all of these features, our crazy pricing, and awesome design. The Daybreak Sunglasses are a home run for the MX track, just driving down the road or hanging out with some friends.

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