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Toxic / Red / Red MX-Pro MX Goggles (2021)

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Sku: 726202100809

Vendor: Pure Adrenaline


The MX-Pro Goggles were a brainchild of Pure Adrenaline™ Motorsports. We saw that our customers needed and wanted something that was more along the lines of goggles that could be used on the track. We have goggles that worked great for trail riding and are great for going out and goofing off with your riding pals. However, we needed gear that was made for the pros, made for going out on the track and getting the podium.

  • Flexible Frame
  • Tear Off Pins
  • No-Slip Designed Band
  • Flexible Strap Ends For Easy Access
  • Robust Padding For Comfort
  • Wide Field Of View Lens
  • Vents To Help Prevent Fogging
  • Adjustable Strap To Fit Most Helmets

Our riders talked to us at Pure Adrenaline™ Motorsports and we listened! Our Riders needed something that was aimed toward pro-style riding. We needed something that had aggressive styling but needed tear-off pins, they needed to have no-slip bands and our Pure Adrenaline™ Motorsports flair.

The MX-Pro Goggles feature a flexible frame that will fit well and allow these top-tier goggles to adjust to the majority of helmet shapes and styles. Our frame also features vents on top of them. These vents are used to allow the goggles to breathe and help prevent fogging of the lens. On the sides of our frames of the MX-Pro Goggles are adjustable arms. These arms make grabbing tear-offs easier and allow you to squeeze in between them when seconds are valuable.

Our adjustable band has a no-slip design on the backside of it. This design goes the full length of the band so you dont ever have to worry about it sliding off of your helmet. With our wide field of view lens, the MX-Pro Goggles will fit well, stay where you put them, and provide you with the features you need from a pro series set of goggles. Paired with a large lineup of colors these goggles are going to be a hit on the track and off.

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