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White / Orange / Blue Mirrored Boarder Sunglasses (2024)

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Collection: The Latest Gear From Pure Adrenaline Motorsports

Sku: 726202100766

Vendor: Pure Adrenaline


The Boarders series glasses are a pair of glasses that you are not going to want to miss. With bright colors and a comfortable design, we think that you are going to fall in love.

Pure Adrenaline Motorsports heard our customers wanting a pair of sunglasses that were a little on the bigger side but still sleek enough to not overpower your look. This is how the Boarders series was born.

  • Wide Frames
  • Thick Arms
  • Rubber ends to help prevent slipping
  • Polarized lens
  • Bright colors
  • Rubber nose piece for comfort
  • Wide since piece lens
  • Robust and sturdy frame
  • Plastic frames for lightweight

Pure Adrenaline Motorsports wanted to come out swinging with these new glasses. The Boarders series is a line of our sunglasses that are a little bigger than our previous models. We wanted a robust and thick-style frame. That style of design combined with a lightweight but strong plastic frame made for a pair of sunglasses that can withstand a beating and look good after. We wanted something that was going to go well on the track or if you were just out working.

The Boarders series glasses needed a killer lens style. So we went with a polarized lens and then made some options for finish. We knew that with our multiple colors for the frames and with some of them being loud colors we needed lenses that could match. With multiple colors and mirrored options, we think the boarders series sunglasses hit the nail on the head for everyone looking to look good.

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