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Pure Adrenaline Motorsports Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit

by Chris Root
Pure Adrenaline Motorsports Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit

The Pure Adrenaline Motorsports Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit is here to take you to a new level! 


What makes the Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit so Special?

Most monosuits out there are made to support you when it is warm or when it is cold. Not many have a swing of over 30 degrees! With a range that goes from 32 to -13 depending on thermals you can take this suit all over the place and in multiple parts of the season.


How can the Pure Adrenaline Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit do what it does?

The secret to the Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit is the ventilation system that we designed into it. This system combined with the glued seams and elastic cuffs can hold in the heat and expel it if needed. Giving you the ability to maintain a perfect temperature no matter the weather. 


The Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit overview!

The Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit is made for the professional style rider. With a rider style cut that is able to be used with thermals or different types of body protection. We think the Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit is a winner and with the wide range of color options you will find the one you have been looking for! If you are looking for a new Mono Suit then look no further because you can get the Extreme 2.0 Mono Suit right here!

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