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Thrill Series MX Gear for Men

by Chris Root
Thrill Series MX Gear for Men

Mens Thrill Series MX Gear

The Thrill series MX gear is the latest series of gear from Pure Adrenaline Motorsports. With Bold Colors and top of the line features at a price you won't believe you won't want to miss out.


What is the Thrill Series MX Gear?

The Thrill Series is made for the rider looking to push the envelope between sport and leisure. Now what we mean by that is most riders don't just ride when it comes to races but also ride for fun. The Thrill Series is a blend of what you want in gear for racing but need in gear for comfortable riding through the woods, with friends or just out fooling around in the back 40.


What kind of features does the Thrill Series MX Gear have?

The Thrill Series MX Gear starts off with a robust material that also has heat and tear-resistant knee panels that are ready for anything you are. The knee area is also made to work with or without a brace. Using a 100% polyester lining in the pants you will be comfortable and know that the gear is going to last for ride after ride. The Thrill Series MX Jersey features a longer tail that helps keep the jersey tucked into the pants keeping you from having to worry about things not fitting.


What kind of colors does the Thrill series come in?

The Thrill Series comes in a few different color schemes  like orange, green and blue, all with bold colors and the Pure Adrenaline Motorsports logo. With vented panels to to provide not only air flow but a contrasted look on the gear the thrill series is the go to for any style of rider.


The Men's MX Thrill Series comes with Pant's and Jerseys.



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